Mohammed Ali Al Shehri

Mohammed Ali Al Shehri

Board member of Al Sharq Investment LLC

Mohammed Ali Al Shehri was born and raised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He attended the California State University of Los Angeles where he completed a bachelor degree with a double major in Finance and Real Estate, followed by an MBA. During his early years in the USA Mohammed carried out his first real estate transaction, a “fixer upper” home which he bought, renovated and resold with a profit over a million dollars.

Driven by his goal to achieve success in his own right, and powered by his entrepreneurial skills Mohammed decided to start his first business – an export/ import start-up focused on capturing a window of timing between the launch dates of luxury cars new models in the US markets and in the Saudi markets. At the time, although there was great interest for such products in Saudi Arabia, the USA market was more advanced and provided greater accessory and customization options, making for a prime opportunity. The cars were very well received among Saudi Arabian customers and soon Mohammed had a long waiting list of car orders.

With his acute commercial skills, Mohammed quickly diversified his export portfolio to include luxury and high-end fashion, which soon led to the opening of a successful 5000 sqft fashion retail outlet in Los Angeles. Further using his creativity to respond to consumer needs Mohammed added mobile trucks to his fashion business, enabling him to take his product to the door step of VIP clients who couldn’t visit his store.

In the year 2008 ahead of the global financial crisis, Mohammed returned to the region, and to the Al Shehri family business’ office in Dubai, to manage the sale of the “Aqua Dunia” plot of land and the concept design located in Dubai Land at the perfect timing.

Continuing to work alongside his father managing their diverse portfolio of investments, Mohammed achieved another positive deal in 2010, which saw the successful reacquisition of an Al Shehri family plot of land. Mohammed was also able to restructure an AED 200 million debt deal in the year 2011 and navigate through the global financial crisis.

A corner stone in formulating the successful partnership with Al Mana group from Qatar, Mohammed was a founding team member of Al Sharq Investments (ASI).

He played a pivotal role in establishing the vision of ASI’s destination project, The Alef Residences and The W Dubai – The Palm Hotel.

Mohammed was a major player in striking the deal with Marriott Starwood hotel Group to establish the W as the hotel operator to service the visionary destination, and continues to play a leading role on the ASI board to ensure the vision of his family is fulfilled.

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